Learning Lab – First and foremost, the Oneness Lab is a learning lab, where we are experimenting with ideas and practices, listening to each other, and opening ourselves up to change. Interactive, multimedia, tailored programs are informed by research and experience in the social sciences, neuroscience, design, the arts, and organizational development. We apply and share this knowledge in collaborative team-building, professional development, inspirational presentations, and expert advisory services.

In K-12 Schools: K-12 schools of all stripes offer a “ground zero” for communities to experiment and implement models of Oneness. Today schools face particular challenges around diversity and equity. Recognizing these, our offerings aim to explore the intersection of technology, 21st-Century skills, social-emotional learning, school climate, deeper learning and global events as they contribute to building vibrant communities fueled by engaged citizens of all backgrounds.

Learning Lab programs are designed for teacher and leader professional development, coaching for equity, inclusion and global competence, cultural competency in hiring practices, and in building a culture of equity in the school environment.

In Universities: Students who are challenged through targeted training and facilitation around diversity, equity, and inclusion practices will be better prepared for the realities of the global job market, and possess new understanding and skill sets to contribute to their university community and future careers.

In Workplaces: We offer staff training, workshops and individual coaching to help organizations and individuals recognize implicit bias, build safety, empathy and cohesion in teams, and enhance multicultural understanding. Our strategic consulting can help solve challenges specific to your organization. We engage in out-of-the-box thinking to create reflective, imaginative, interactive experiences, with the aim of helping transform an organization into an inclusive, cohesive community.

Living Lab – Experiential learning and travel programs:

Our Oneness Lab Travel Experiences provide unique opportunities for immersive experiences that help build empathy, humility, cultural literacy, awareness and appreciation, global citizenship, resilience, flexibility, and deepen cognitive engagement. With experienced professionals that guard your safety, we witness some of the important issues of our time, first-hand, and in the process, get to know ourselves better. While major cultural icons will be visited and appreciated in a historic context, this is not an inflated tourism or voluntourism program. We will offer our own Living Lab packages and partner with a few like-minded, best-in-class experiential learning companies. Some initial travel offerings (coming 2019) include:

  • Peru – Titans of Industry, Colonialism, and the Environment: Over the past 25 years, Peru has gone from a country deep in a state of emergency, economic crisis and in fear of home-grown terrorism, to one with a thriving entrepreneurial sector, empowerment of indigenous groups and women, and growing per capita income. Visit the workplaces and workshops of local entrepreneurs, artisans and social changemakers. Experience life in the city and in the rural Andes, where remnants of the Incan Empire still guide modern residents. Taste and cook local cuisine that is topping global food critics’ lists, and practice Spanish language skills.

  • Gambia – Service learning with the Starfish Project

  • Greece – Olympians and Exiles

China -- 21st Century Empire Building